Rules of ICL season 3 (starts September)

Fair play
This is a fair play league. Any clan found out with cheating will be kicked out of the league. – No third-party-software is allowed
– Not allowing or using burner accounts
– Not sending spies to other clans
– Not sharing or accepting bases from other teams in the league

Basic rules
1. No TH dipping, meaning NO 11vs10/9 or 10vs9 attacks.
2. Scouting upwards, 9vs10/11 or 10vs11, is allowed.

Dipping during war will result in a clan DQ for that match and the other team gets the win. Unless they can settle it. Sometimes mistakes happen and Fair Play is to listen and come to an agreement if possible. Any situation will be presented in the captains channel. The captains will then discuss how to solve the situation.

How to handle a situation when a player dipps on purpose with intent to DQ team.
1. Kick player.
2. Screenshot chat showing clan telling the player he/she did wrong and submit pictures to ICL leader group.
3. The player will be counted as DQ, and also gained stars awarded from that attack will be removed.

Battle time
From Monday the 4:th of September the league matches begin. The team captains have contact and decides the prep and war time. Suggestion is 2h prep starting at 19:00 with 24h war, but it is up to the captains to decide date and time.

As long as the game is finished by Sunday night the same week it’s ok to start any day of the week. And then Monday the next week round 2 starts and so on.

The people/accounts who are in your team’s roster should be in some way associated with the team/clan-family or a cooperation for the participating in ICL. It’s ok to look for new members during the league, but don’t take advantage of a free roster and call in a top player for one war just because it’s going to be a tough match. Use common sense and remember that ICL is a fair play league.

Points from wars are given according to the following rules:
Won by war stars = +3 points
Lost by war stars = 0 points

If its a draw:
Won by percent = +2 points
Lost by percent = +1 point
Draw percent = +1 point each per clan

Structure of a season
Each team will face all the other teams once. This means that in a league with eight teams there will be seven wars during a period of seven weeks. After all rounds have been played the top 4 teams will face off in a playoff. Team 4 meets team 1 and team 3 meets 2. The winner from each match meets in a final.

If two teams end the season with the same amount of wins a winner will be decided by:
1) The team with the biggest + in star difference (sum of +stars and -stars).
2) Internal war result, winner of the internal war wins the division.
3) If a perfect draw in internal war the two teams will meet in a new match to decide who goes to the playoff.

Breakdown for Heavy, Middle and Light League

1. Heavy league: 15vs15 TH11, but the amount of TH11 can be negotiable. 10vs10 is minimum. When you apply for this league write down if your clan wants 10vs10, 15vs15 or 20vs20 as default. Teams who can only manage 10vs10 can with this setup join the league. It doesn’t affect the scoreboard what BD you use in the war since ICL use star difference and total %, not total amount of stars. BD example: Team 1,2,3,4,5,6 wants 10vs10 as default. Team 7,8 wants 15vs15 and team 9 and 10 wants 20vs20. When Team 8 and Team 3 meet they will use the 10vs10 set up. When team 7 and 10 meet there will be a 15vs15 war. It´s up to the Team Captains to decide but the clan with the lowest number of THs is the default BD. If a team get more people during the season they can use a higher amount of THs in one or more matches.

2. Middle league: BD is 5-5-5 if teams want to go for 15vs15 and 6-6-8 if teams decide to have 20vs20. 15vs15 is default to make sure as many clans as possible can join. Team Captains can decide other BD if they agree.

3. Light league: BD is 2-5-8 if Teams want to go for 15vs15 and 3-7-10 if Teams decide to have a 20vs20. 15vs15 is default to make sure as many clans as possible can join. Team Captains can decide other BD if they agree.