Time for sign up Season 3

Happy news to all who wants another season of ICL! Season 3 of ICL starts September 4th. Our hopes are that there will be 3 different leagues; Heavy, Middle and Light and all will be using the No Dip rule and top 4 in each league will meet in a playoff.

Clans can apply now for the upcoming season. There are different ways to sign up:

1. Use the sign up sheet on discord server
2. Go to Sign up page
3. You can also pm @Stuvstarz#8757 or @saddam#5898 on Discord or Line (Stuvstarz or Saddam).

All rules can be found on Rules page and on the ICL discord server,

THREE LEAGUES – One Heavy, one Middle and one Light League
1. Heavy league: 15vs15 TH11, but the amount of TH11 can be negotiable. 10vs10 is minimum. When you apply for this league write down if your clan wants 10vs10, 15vs15 or 20vs20 as default. Teams who can only manage 10vs10 can with this setup join the league. It doesn’t affect the scoreboard what BD you use in the war since ICL use star difference and total %, not total amount of stars. BD example: Team 1,2,3,4,5,6 wants 10vs10 as default. Team 7,8 wants 15vs15 and team 9 and 10 wants 20vs20. When Team 8 and Team 3 meet they will use the 10vs10 set up. When team 7 and 10 meet there will be a 15vs15 war. It´s up to the Team Captains to decide but the clan with the lowest number of THs is the default BD. If a team get more people during the season they can use a higher amount of THs in one or more matches.

2. Middle league: BD is 5-5-5 if teams want to go for 15vs15 and 6-6-8 if teams decide to have 20vs20. 15vs15 is default to make sure as many clans as possible can join. Team Captains can decide other BD if they agree.

3. Light league: BD is 2-5-8 if Teams want to go for 15vs15 and 3-7-10 if Teams decide to have a 20vs20. 15vs15 is default to make sure as many clans as possible can join. Team Captains can decide other BD if they agree.

Clash on and hope many of you join!



DCW storyline continues…

The blood, the screams the bodies… Our Generals and infantry was standing on the battlefield knowing we won against the Mighty Svenska Ettan – after examining the ground we knew Why they were so dangerous, in between all the barbarians we could see some of them was huge like giants! They must have been all the way north behind the wall alleying with giants but this time they were clumsy and made their Generals make some small but important mistaken on the battleground!

After collecting our dead barbarians and valkyries we gave them an honorable funeral sending them to Valhalla. When praying to Thor a diplomat disturbed us, it was a diplomat from the Infected, No I mean Infamous Reject… They tried to arrange a diplomatic surrendering from our side, but NO! We are true vikings from the north! True barbarians and valkyries don’t bow to anyone! After looking at the diplomat I knew, those Infamous Reject had people who was rejected from the wizard tower. They were infected with Dark magic, the diplomat was a WITCH.

The battle began, As we expected they used Dark magic, even their castles started glimpsing with green light and their defense became even more fearfull! The fight was going on, purple lightning balls was flying over our heads, their barbarians was slain, but skeletons was raising in their place!

It was looking good we destroyed them, but then they send a wave of hardcore magic against one of our biggest castle and it was zacked totally! We talked in our camp – we was one star behind, we had the upper hand in destruction rate so now we should only get that LAST STAR! Our waves of attacks was failing, NOT gaining that star but in the very last minute our barbarian – King Hjarsø – made the last attack in the battle. It included baby dragons and hogriders…and yeeees it was destruction, but these Infamous Reject had Dark magic. 2 air Seekers came out of nowhere destroying those last 2 baby dragons, only some hogs and one archer was left to clean up. It was a matter of time and Bam!!! Dark magic popped up again spring traps removed alot of hogriders, their witches cursed us with fatigue…the last hogriders destroyed and destroyed, but time was the essense… 99% was done, come on, one last building…the hogrider collapsed that pig just couldn’t run anymore!

DCW saluts you and must talk strategies so we know how to beat those damn witches!

DCW gives a report from the camp fire

King from Danish Clan War has written a report from the camp fires at DCW´s clan. A must read!

27th of June, DCW Camp

DCW had to flee Sweden in ICL Season 2 as a #2, losing on few percentages against the Mighty Swedes from Svenska Ettan. After our barbarians and valkyries came back home, we asked our architects to build even stronger castles, we also started giving our Kings and Queens mushrooms so they could gain strength and health accordingly to their potential in their castles! A lot of Friendly Challenges between our guild to improve the attack strategies and also to show our architects if their designs was worth keeping or not!

After we went back to our own guild NOT looking on our own country, Kongeriget and DK 2nd Brigade, was rising too. We first noticed how dangerous they were when we arrived to the campfire near the International Clash Leagues battleground… There we were gazing upon the other camps nearby the battlefield, looking at Kongeriget, DK 2nd Brigade, Svenska Ettan, Infamous reject, King Jeffrey, Biffbangpow, Götaborg kriga, GWA and Svea CW Elite…
We stood at our campfire whistling our strategies and decided we want to show them all that there can be only one true Champion… The first battle began against our brothers in arms from DK 2nd Brigade, they too were using savage barbarians and valkyries when encountering us, luckily for us some of their barbarians didn’t take as much mushrooms as we did which resulted in a victory for DCW.

In the meanwhile everyone else was fighting too, everyone had to fall back afterwards to their camps preparing for next weeks battle… We started preparing to engage Svenska Ettan, looking at them made some of our barbarians run around in the Camp fearing the worst…. but our TH9 Master Cass made great strategies to weaken the enemy and encouraging our own troops….in our TH10 Camp we had Skjoldager who enforced new TH10 designs to the architects and in our TH11 camp The King planned how to become enraged!

The battle started, blood everywhere, screams everywhere, fear everywhere…no champion yet, soon…but who will it be, we don’t know yet!

First round in ICL Summer League

Finally all teams have met up on the battlefield. We have some winners and some who lost, but remember:

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war!

Rule change

There has been a slight rule change to the ICL Summer League. Instead of having a winner after the last round there will be a playoff among the top four teams; 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 and the winners of those matches will meet in a league final. Hopefully that final will be streamed live. More info to come.

You can find the detailed results and scoreboard on the Results page. Schedule for the rest of the season can be found on Schedule page. A summary after the round the scoreboard looks like this:



ICL Team Presentations

Most of the participating teams in ICL Summer League have written a short description about their clan. If you want to know even more you can click the #clantag under each team to read about statistics, members and so on, over at Clash of Stats.  Some teams do wars in other clans so the clans might look empty on warriors, but that is just an illusion.

Svenska Ettan is a Swedish fair play war clan. We are well above 50 clan members and have a close co-operation with our sister clan (#2QQGRQG0). We have participated in both seasons of the ICL Heavy League and won them both, undefeated. Svenska Ettan is primarily made up of TH11 but we are recruiting (Swedish) th9s and th10s. Our clan values are fair play, fun and family. A good example of that is our upcoming clan trip to Finland in a August where we will to bond and visit the epicenter of Clash, the Supercell HQ. Clan tag: #2LG9QLQ0

King Jeffrey is an international war clan formed 3 years ago. We are currently participating in the CWL Premiere league and our family includes Team WBT, BadgersBootCamp, and Karate Monkey’s. This is the first time we join the ICL but are looking forward to being a part of it! We like to play a lot and get involved with other events. One of the events we were a part of recently is Clash Cup. We had a great time and was good to get out of a normal routine. Clan tag: #8PCY0JG8

“Elak” in Swedish means mean. University of 3(2) Stars Specialist since 4 years. We are just mean against our enemies. Are you going against us? GL, remember “Elak” and be prepared for anything. Clan tag: #82GLQRJQ

We’re a bunch of guys mainly from the Swensk Elite family that has joined forces in this clan to play for fun. It’s a Motley Crüe type of clan with regards to bases but started out in order to have a place to put our “mini-me’s”. We play fair. Wouldn’t want it any other way. Clan tag: #J90Q9PUU

Biffbangpow, a community of approximately 200 clashers! Mainly UK/USA. We love to war, love a challenge, bring your ‘A’ game to the table. We take war seriously, we are 100% fair play and are looking forward to seeing what u guys have to offer… We currently run in Pot Luck events, and we have signed up to NDL. Clan tag: #9CPUJLVC

DCW is a short for Danish ClanWar – DCW is a FPC clan who wants to be top tier war clan World wide, but its hard cause we are savarage barbarians and valkyries from Denmark only! We don’t let People who do NOT know the common langue (Danish) into our clan unless its a diplomatic visit from a foreign who want to chat or challenge us.
Clan tag: #8808QVGV

We are all pretty much old guys and retired, but like really good looking surfer guys – well trained despite our age. You know, the guys who 3 star your wife while you are at work. OG witches, we´ll make you our bitches! Clan tag: #20PP8ULR

A clan created when some felt that DK 1st Brigade wasn’t serious enough regarding Clan Wars. It’s been 3 years almost now and we are running better than ever. We are a 100 % war clan and to be better, learn more and explorer the world we need to get out and be part of tournaments like ICL! Clan tag: #RGV2JCG

Svea Cw Elite is a humble clan that loves a good fight. The Clan has a long history but has acted behind the more established war scene. Now we look forward to the ICL and what we’ll learn from that. We’ll fight hard and hope for lots of exciting fights – bring it on! Clan Tag: #28Q8VQYY

Missing presentations at the moment: GK och Kongeriet

The War Schedule is here!

Warlords and war planners have after some feasts and fights agreed on the the teams and schedule for the ICL Summer League No Dip. The teams are as follows (in no particular order):

1. Svenska ettan (Swedish)
2. GWA (Swedish)
3. Elak Sweden (Swedish)
4. Kongeriget (Danish)
5. Biffbangpow (USA/UK)
6. Göteborgs kriga “GK” (Swedish)
7. Infamous reject (Swedish)
8. Danish clanwar “DCW” (Danish)
9. King Jeffrey (Internationell)
10. Svea Cw elite (Swedish)
11.DK 2nd Brigade (Danish)

The schedule for all the wars can be found here and the scoreboard here.

Let us now hope for some nice recaps from the 55 wars that will be held from 19th of June to 28th of August. And don´t forget to look up once in a while from your Clash game. You never know what can drop on your head.


Sign up for some serious summer battles – last chance!

There are 12 spots in the ICL Summer League and 10 teams are up for some high level wars at the moment. Will we find two more clans to join the battle of the summer? The league starts 19th of June and we close for new teams 12th of June.

Do you know anyone interested, don´t hesitate to contact Stuvstarz on Line (Stuvstarz) or Discord (stuvstarz#8757) or send a message from Sign up page. 

The participating teams in the ICL Summer Leageue are as follows:
1. Svenska Ettan
2. GWA
3. Elak Sweden
4. Kongeriget
5. BadHabitz
6. Göteborgs kriga “GK”
7. Infamous Reject
8. DCW
9. King Jeffrey
10. Svea CW Elite