ICL Heavy League Teams Presentation

We welcome all the teams in ICL Season 3 Heavy League. It will be a pleasure to follow you through the tournament. Good luck and clash on! A short presentation of the teams.


SWElite is an old established big coc family in which our main clan is fighting only with TH11. We’re havin’ fun and fights fair in CW, Push, Nordic battles and now ICL. It’ll be nice meetin’ya people!

Svenska Hjältar
We are a bunch of old bitter farts that hate our lives and wifes. Love to drink and get wasted. If you are a coc pro that can one star a base drunk beyond insanity your place in the universe is here, cheers!

Sneaky B@stards
A newly formed coalition between two of Denmarks top clans, Danish Army and Kongeriget. We are here to kick some butt and we never back down from any fight. Challenge at your own risk…

Svenska Ettan
A Swedish fair play war clan. We are well above 50 clan members and have a close cooperation with our sister clan 961.se (#2QQGRQG0). We have participated in all seasons of the ICL Heavy League and won season 1 & 2. The No dip league was another story, but we like it and are having a really good time meeting other clans! Svenska Ettan is primarily made up of TH11 but we are recruiting 9s and 10s. Our clan values are fair play, fun and family. A good example of that is our upcoming clan trip to Finland where we will to bond and visit the epicenter of clash, the Supercell HQ. Good luck everyone and let the games begin.

SWEnsk Elite Cw
We are a bunch of members from the SWEnsk Elite family that play ICL for fun. For the last couple of years we have been one of the top clans in Sweden behind the war scene and are now looking for new challenges with the ICL. Expecting to see great battles and good luck to you all.

De Splittergale
We are a Clan where all the mad Players are. The clan has been made for a couple of years ago. And has made a cleanup for some months ago and then we have made a fusion with Snaphanerne, so we can deal with the big clans.. And with all those TH11 we got, we have to try this setup.. And learn and maybe beat some.

We are from India our clan is IYC ; Gujrat force (first indian clan to reach 17)and Immoral Beast are our family clan (second Indian clan to reach lvl16). Most of the people there are busy with jobs and come only for war attacks and can’t give time to competitive league’s so here we hand picked the best of those clan in IYC and we are looking forward for real tuff competition because if its not tough it’s no fun to wreck your base. We really look forward for a fairplay competition as if the war is not fair its kinda boring.

Infamous Reject
We’re a bunch of guys mainly from the Swensk Elite family that has joined forces in this clan to play for fun. It’s a Motley Crüe type of clan with regards to bases but started out in order to have a place to put our “mini-me’s”. We play fair. Wouldn’t want it any other way. We want to join this summer ICL because we like to clash and like the idea of a no dip policy.

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