ICL Middle League Teams Presentations

We welcome all the teams in ICL Season 3 Middle League. It will be a pleasure to follow you through the tournament. Good luck and clash on! Some short (and some longer) presentation of the teams.

House of Zod
A fair play clan that emerged from fans in the stands from the original clash of clans podcast. Biggity Boneyard is still our fearless leader. We try and strike a good balance between competitive wars and having fun. We have the most fun making others Kneel before Zod! Bashing nerds since 2015…

The home of the Mother and her nomad tribe of dwarves. We are the answer to every gf-request in global and we pride ourselves in having the worst attacker in coc-history playing for us and a couple of virgins to aid us. Fear not, we are in it for the fun, except when we meet Biff.

Sneaky B@stards
Sneaky B@stards is a newly formed coalition between two of Denmarks top clans, Danish Army and Kongeriget. We are here to kick some butt and we never back down from any fight. Challenge at your own risk.

Svenska Ettan
A Swedish fair play war clan. We are well above 50 clan members and have a close cooperation with our sister clan 961.se (#2QQGRQG0). We have participated in all seasons of the ICL Heavy League and won season 1 & 2. The No dip league was another story, but we like it and are having a really good time meeting other clans! Svenska Ettan is primarily made up of TH11 but we are recruiting 9s and 10s. Our clan values are fair play, fun and family. A good example of that is our upcoming clan trip to Finland where we will to bond and visit the epicenter of clash, the Supercell HQ. Good luck everyone and let the games begin.

Famous Warriors
We are the Famous Warriors, a 1 1/2 year old Swedish clan,w ith no doubt the best looking players in the clash community.We won ICL Light League Season 1 and are now back for season 3 with some reinforcement from Anonymous Elite on th9.

War Dojo
War Dojo runs a structured, well organized clan brought together by the love for the strategy, competition, and community of clash. Our leadership is US/EU based, but we have global membership. We are always looking for opportunities to hone our skill with the blade and value highly our culture of coaching, mentorship, and teamwork. Our recruiting approach is not necessarily to grab the biggest kid on the block but rather recruit those that show potential, humility, and a persistent desire to improve. Very excited for ICL S3. GL to everyone!

Falukorv began as a farming clan. There was more focus on loyalty than being maxed as a base. With that player base, we worked us up to elite level in Sweden. From time to time we had clan a push, a time when everyone helped to push and afterwards you could go back to the level you were at. When clan wars came into the picture, it became more focus on stats. It was also at this time the farming clans Prinskorv and Grillkorv were created, and Falukorv became more of a qualitatively oriented clan.

Nowadays, loyalty is being built up in Prinskorv and Grillkorv, our farming clans and when people are ready, they are moved up to Falukorv. We are now a clan consisting of 100% Swedish-speaking people and participate in ICL to have some fun, learn more about the game and to have some nice wars against top clans in our region.

Dansk Rovdrift
Dansk Rovdrift was formed in February 2013 as a hardcore farmer clan for danes only, with DR2 formed a few years later. We have through the years become more and more addicted to war and have through experience and learnings changed our approach to CW’s. One thing that has stayed the same is our focus to help each other and thereby strengthen our team. It’s very important to us that all members accept constructive criticism, as it’s meant in the best of spirits. We are currently short of a few strong TH9’s and TH10’s to participate with a decent team every time, so we have made a cooperation with DCW (Danish ClanWar), to help each other in tournaments. We are looking forward to a lot of fun and to learn a lot in our first tournament and first time playing with no dips. But make no mistake, the Vikings are here to plunder!

Biffbangpow are back again! Watch our video and prepare to get knocked out.

Elite Academy
We are Elite Academy (#L8PUUCGY) part of the Circle of Clans family. We are formerly of Elite Nation. We started as a teaching/feeder clan back in December of 2015. But quickly out grew that and became a heavier war clan within Elite Nation. In our leaving of Elite Nation we did so to find more competitive opportunities as we transform our roster to more of a league play roster. We are excited and thrilled for this opportunity with the ICL and look forward to competing with you guys and gals.

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