ICL Light League Team Presentation

We welcome all the teams in ICL Season 3 Light League. It will be a pleasure to follow you through the tournament. Good luck and clash on! A short presentation of the teams.

Aims to be the most fun clan to play/be in while still being serious about wars. We hate cheating/engineering so ICL (and FW) is the way we love to war. Participants of the light league in season 2 so this season will be a comeback for us. We have a really close collaboration with Svenska ettan who’s our brothers and sisters. Please DON’T be gentle on the war field, we like hard battles!

Damned Souls
We are Damned Souls, an Italian fair play war clan born more than 2years ago. We are trying to set our level one more step higher, starting with this first international tournament. Good luck and good game to everyone(ändrad)

Cani Sciolti
We are an Italian clan, at the first experience of international tournaments, we hope to sustain the emotion and make a beautiful figure. 100% FP.

One out of a few Swedish clans with no experiences when it comes to ICL. In order to try it out and participate with an enough big team we found it natural with a co-operate. Mostly of the players knows each others since a very long time and hopefully the participate in ICL will force us even more closer. Good luck and watch out for a anti-engineering company – Swedenstrongman!

Alpha Rising 
Alpha and Omega is a clan founded and run by often crotchety, frequently nasty, middle-aged professional guys with big hearts from around the globe. We are all about TEAM and have been for over 3 years. To make it here, follow directions, attempt to improve, and don’t make Luzar’s eye twitch… living life in Depends is hard enough.

We are part of the King Jeffrey Family. We are an International Clan participating in both Potluck and AW.  This will be our first season with ICL and look forward to the challenge.  We have fun clashing while taking war seriously.  Good luck to all the teams.  If you wouldn’t mind, send some our way.  We need all the “Luck” we can get!!  See you on the War Path!

Aj utracony
We are Polish clan and Aj utracony means lost paradise. Creation date 15.07.2015. That will be a first time we join ICL. Wants to try our skills, and the tournament will be new for us. We do not have big requirements for each other, but getting to Playoff will be a success. Wish best to all CoC clans.

Özil’s Artists (formerly Özil’s Autists)
Young and immature is what describes Özil’s Artists. But our passion and skill is what to look out for. Formed by an autistic dude with serious girlfriend struggles, as a TH9 speed tourney group to something bigger than PB’s love of cake.

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