DCW storyline continues…

The blood, the screams the bodies… Our Generals and infantry was standing on the battlefield knowing we won against the Mighty Svenska Ettan – after examining the ground we knew Why they were so dangerous, in between all the barbarians we could see some of them was huge like giants! They must have been all the way north behind the wall alleying with giants but this time they were clumsy and made their Generals make some small but important mistaken on the battleground!

After collecting our dead barbarians and valkyries we gave them an honorable funeral sending them to Valhalla. When praying to Thor a diplomat disturbed us, it was a diplomat from the Infected, No I mean Infamous Reject… They tried to arrange a diplomatic surrendering from our side, but NO! We are true vikings from the north! True barbarians and valkyries don’t bow to anyone! After looking at the diplomat I knew, those Infamous Reject had people who was rejected from the wizard tower. They were infected with Dark magic, the diplomat was a WITCH.

The battle began, As we expected they used Dark magic, even their castles started glimpsing with green light and their defense became even more fearfull! The fight was going on, purple lightning balls was flying over our heads, their barbarians was slain, but skeletons was raising in their place!

It was looking good we destroyed them, but then they send a wave of hardcore magic against one of our biggest castle and it was zacked totally! We talked in our camp – we was one star behind, we had the upper hand in destruction rate so now we should only get that LAST STAR! Our waves of attacks was failing, NOT gaining that star but in the very last minute our barbarian – King Hjarsø – made the last attack in the battle. It included baby dragons and hogriders…and yeeees it was destruction, but these Infamous Reject had Dark magic. 2 air Seekers came out of nowhere destroying those last 2 baby dragons, only some hogs and one archer was left to clean up. It was a matter of time and Bam!!! Dark magic popped up again spring traps removed alot of hogriders, their witches cursed us with fatigue…the last hogriders destroyed and destroyed, but time was the essense… 99% was done, come on, one last building…the hogrider collapsed that pig just couldn’t run anymore!

DCW saluts you and must talk strategies so we know how to beat those damn witches!

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