DCW gives a report from the camp fire

King from Danish Clan War has written a report from the camp fires at DCW´s clan. A must read!

27th of June, DCW Camp

DCW had to flee Sweden in ICL Season 2 as a #2, losing on few percentages against the Mighty Swedes from Svenska Ettan. After our barbarians and valkyries came back home, we asked our architects to build even stronger castles, we also started giving our Kings and Queens mushrooms so they could gain strength and health accordingly to their potential in their castles! A lot of Friendly Challenges between our guild to improve the attack strategies and also to show our architects if their designs was worth keeping or not!

After we went back to our own guild NOT looking on our own country, Kongeriget and DK 2nd Brigade, was rising too. We first noticed how dangerous they were when we arrived to the campfire near the International Clash Leagues battleground… There we were gazing upon the other camps nearby the battlefield, looking at Kongeriget, DK 2nd Brigade, Svenska Ettan, Infamous reject, King Jeffrey, Biffbangpow, Götaborg kriga, GWA and Svea CW Elite…
We stood at our campfire whistling our strategies and decided we want to show them all that there can be only one true Champion… The first battle began against our brothers in arms from DK 2nd Brigade, they too were using savage barbarians and valkyries when encountering us, luckily for us some of their barbarians didn’t take as much mushrooms as we did which resulted in a victory for DCW.

In the meanwhile everyone else was fighting too, everyone had to fall back afterwards to their camps preparing for next weeks battle… We started preparing to engage Svenska Ettan, looking at them made some of our barbarians run around in the Camp fearing the worst…. but our TH9 Master Cass made great strategies to weaken the enemy and encouraging our own troops….in our TH10 Camp we had Skjoldager who enforced new TH10 designs to the architects and in our TH11 camp The King planned how to become enraged!

The battle started, blood everywhere, screams everywhere, fear everywhere…no champion yet, soon…but who will it be, we don’t know yet!

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