ICL Team Presentations

Most of the participating teams in ICL Summer League have written a short description about their clan. If you want to know even more you can click the #clantag under each team to read about statistics, members and so on, over at Clash of Stats.  Some teams do wars in other clans so the clans might look empty on warriors, but that is just an illusion.

Svenska Ettan is a Swedish fair play war clan. We are well above 50 clan members and have a close co-operation with our sister clan 961.se (#2QQGRQG0). We have participated in both seasons of the ICL Heavy League and won them both, undefeated. Svenska Ettan is primarily made up of TH11 but we are recruiting (Swedish) th9s and th10s. Our clan values are fair play, fun and family. A good example of that is our upcoming clan trip to Finland in a August where we will to bond and visit the epicenter of Clash, the Supercell HQ. Clan tag: #2LG9QLQ0

King Jeffrey is an international war clan formed 3 years ago. We are currently participating in the CWL Premiere league and our family includes Team WBT, BadgersBootCamp, and Karate Monkey’s. This is the first time we join the ICL but are looking forward to being a part of it! We like to play a lot and get involved with other events. One of the events we were a part of recently is Clash Cup. We had a great time and was good to get out of a normal routine. Clan tag: #8PCY0JG8

“Elak” in Swedish means mean. University of 3(2) Stars Specialist since 4 years. We are just mean against our enemies. Are you going against us? GL, remember “Elak” and be prepared for anything. Clan tag: #82GLQRJQ

We’re a bunch of guys mainly from the Swensk Elite family that has joined forces in this clan to play for fun. It’s a Motley Crüe type of clan with regards to bases but started out in order to have a place to put our “mini-me’s”. We play fair. Wouldn’t want it any other way. Clan tag: #J90Q9PUU

Biffbangpow, a community of approximately 200 clashers! Mainly UK/USA. We love to war, love a challenge, bring your ‘A’ game to the table. We take war seriously, we are 100% fair play and are looking forward to seeing what u guys have to offer… We currently run in Pot Luck events, and we have signed up to NDL. Clan tag: #9CPUJLVC

DCW is a short for Danish ClanWar – DCW is a FPC clan who wants to be top tier war clan World wide, but its hard cause we are savarage barbarians and valkyries from Denmark only! We don’t let People who do NOT know the common langue (Danish) into our clan unless its a diplomatic visit from a foreign who want to chat or challenge us.
Clan tag: #8808QVGV

We are all pretty much old guys and retired, but like really good looking surfer guys – well trained despite our age. You know, the guys who 3 star your wife while you are at work. OG witches, we´ll make you our bitches! Clan tag: #20PP8ULR

A clan created when some felt that DK 1st Brigade wasn’t serious enough regarding Clan Wars. It’s been 3 years almost now and we are running better than ever. We are a 100 % war clan and to be better, learn more and explorer the world we need to get out and be part of tournaments like ICL! Clan tag: #RGV2JCG

Svea Cw Elite is a humble clan that loves a good fight. The Clan has a long history but has acted behind the more established war scene. Now we look forward to the ICL and what we’ll learn from that. We’ll fight hard and hope for lots of exciting fights – bring it on! Clan Tag: #28Q8VQYY

Missing presentations at the moment: GK och Kongeriet

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