The War Schedule is here!

Warlords and war planners have after some feasts and fights agreed on the the teams and schedule for the ICL Summer League No Dip. The teams are as follows (in no particular order):

1. Svenska ettan (Swedish)
2. GWA (Swedish)
3. Elak Sweden (Swedish)
4. Kongeriget (Danish)
5. Biffbangpow (USA/UK)
6. Göteborgs kriga “GK” (Swedish)
7. Infamous reject (Swedish)
8. Danish clanwar “DCW” (Danish)
9. King Jeffrey (Internationell)
10. Svea Cw elite (Swedish)
11.DK 2nd Brigade (Danish)

The schedule for all the wars can be found here and the scoreboard here.

Let us now hope for some nice recaps from the 55 wars that will be held from 19th of June to 28th of August. And don´t forget to look up once in a while from your Clash game. You never know what can drop on your head.


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