Sign up for some serious summer battles – last chance!

There are 12 spots in the ICL Summer League and 10 teams are up for some high level wars at the moment. Will we find two more clans to join the battle of the summer? The league starts 19th of June and we close for new teams 12th of June.

Do you know anyone interested, don´t hesitate to contact Stuvstarz on Line (Stuvstarz) or Discord (stuvstarz#8757) or send a message from Sign up page. 

The participating teams in the ICL Summer Leageue are as follows:
1. Svenska Ettan
2. GWA
3. Elak Sweden
4. Kongeriget
5. BadHabitz
6. Göteborgs kriga “GK”
7. Infamous Reject
8. DCW
9. King Jeffrey
10. Svea CW Elite

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