ICL Summer League No Dip


The “ICL Summer League No Dip” uses the same scoreboard as the ordinary ICL League. Each team have a Team captain/Representative. The Team captain must be a part of the ICL Leader Chat. They are responsible to uphold FP rules and follow the rules and structure of the league.


1. No TH dipping, meaning NO 11vs10 or 10vs9 attacks.
2. Scouting upwards, 9vs10 or 10vs11, is allowed.

Dipping during war will result in a clan DQ immediately for that match and the other team gets the win.

How to handle a situation when a player dipps on purpose with intent to DQ team.
1. Immediately kick player.
2. Screenshot chat showing clan telling the player he/she did wrong and submit pictures to ICL leader group.
3. The player will be counted as DQ, and also gained stars awarded from that attack will be removed.

From Monday the 19th of June the league matches begin. The team captains have contact and decides the prep and war time. Suggestion is 2h prep starting at 19:00 with 24h war, but it is up to the captains to decide date and time.

As long as the game is finished by Sunday night the same week it’s ok to start any day of the week. And then Monday the 26th of June game 2 starts and so on.

Depending on how many teams that joins the league will end sometimes near early september.


Points from wars are given according to the following rules:
Won by war stars = +3 points
Lost by war stars = 0 points

Won by percent = +2 points
Lost by percent = +1 point
Draw percent = +1 point each per clan

Each team will face all the other teams once. This means that in a league with eight teams there will be seven wars during a period of seven weeks. After these seven weeks the league winner will be the team at the top spot.

If two teams end with the same amount of wins the winner will be decided by:
1) Internal war result, winner of the internal war wins the division.
2) If a perfect draw in internal war, the division winner will be decided by the largest +/- rating.
3) If a winner can’t be decided given the rules above then both teams will be considered as the division winner. If the teams want to decide the winner by an additional war we won’t stop them.

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