Svenska Ettan vs ELAK Sweden

Another impressive win for Svenska Ettan, but it should be stated that the final score board could have been closer. Elak Sweden did heroically try to triple some of Ettans th11 when going for the win instead of maximizing the number of stars.

This war showed two clans with very different tactics. Ettan’s th9 were focused on tripling Elaks th9s early to be able to help with scouts. While Clydefrog and Baby fire did manage to deliver six-packs, it should still be stated that Ettan had more problem this time than compared to the war against Danish ClanWars. Still Ettan was successful in clearing the 9s. Elak’s th9s did instead start out with a number of th10 attempts/scouts. This was with hindsight questionable as this by the end of the day forced a number of th10 dip attacks on Ettans th9.

The th10s did, as usual, start out with several th11 attempts. Saddam, Applebay and Oskar from Ettan all delivered two stars attacks that were close to 70% destruction. Elak’s th10s did also deliver several successful th11 attacks including two from Loskog! Black fire did once again deliver a th10 triple following a fail in his first attack.

Ettan’s th11 again show no mercy with a number of successful fresh th10 dips and also some very high percentage 2 star attacks on Elaks th11s, including a beautiful 99% attack from MPWonder on Elaks #1. A big shame on a great attack. This also meant that Ettan for the first time this season didn’t triple any th11 bases.

Elak’s th11s struggled but it should be stated that they were forced to go for th11 triples to win the war (which we all know often ends up in high percentage). Special credit to ABO G who did deliver two successful attacks and defended 2 attacks from Ettan’s th10s.

Many thanks Elak Sweden for an exciting war. The talent is clearly there but a tactic that this time didn’t work out and bad luck meant that Svenska Ettan could pick up the win this time.


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