DCW vs Falukorv – a war story by the campfire

Danish ClanWar (DCW) was earlier raiding Sweden, but the Swedish army from Svenska Ettan made sure we had to flee back to Denmark again. On our way back we could see two armies waiting for us… Around the campfire we made strategies, our scouts were looking, and Falukorv was the best move to go to first.


After scouting and analysing Falukorv we knew we would have the upper hand. We knew this because the architects from Falukorv had built their castles using well known blueprints that has been seen on random savarages. We also come across them when we want to gain honor by raiding without the war team…

The battle went on and a massacre it was. Most bases was razed to the ground, other bases were saved because our troops got tired – our barbarians and valkyries are lacking stamina. They have to go back to their camps after only 3 minutes of raiding to gain new strenght! 

Thanks for a fun war Falukorv. We recommend you copy designs from the clans you encounter in ICL. You can always just rotate the design. Most war clans are very familiar with the standard ringbases/internet bases out there. Your attacks are in general fine 😍

We can see our home in the horizon, but one last army stands between us and our home… We will send request for a diplomatic solution but… so far we discovered that Swedes reminds us of ourself… they don’t pardon anyone trespassing!!!

Prepare for war!!!

Giants King Clash of Clans

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