Recap: Made by Sweden vs. Kongeriget

Brian from Kongeriget has sent us this well detailed and well-written war report. We salute you!

On paper Kongeriget had the upper hand with better royals on all TH levels and with Made by Sweden bringing a 9.5 instead of a TH10. The Swedes did not use that as any form of excuse and the fight was on from the start.

The first evening of the war was action-packed with 45 attacks combined. Made by Sweden’s TH9 did not have max royals and had a rough start. Despite Vade’s nice war with a 6-pack, four TH9 where still standing and needed TH10 dips. Kongeriget’s TH9 was on fire and only needed eight attempts to close the bottom seven bases (the lowest TH10 had TH9 defenses).

Made by Sweden proceeded with the TH9 clean-up, but Kongeriget’s TH9 bases defended well, and when they were closed the Swedes only had two TH10 attacks left.

Made by Sweden’s TH11 secured 2-stars on TH11 with some nice attacks. They had struggles against TH10 though, and at the end of the war two TH10 where only 2-starred. Some good attempts, and also credit to Kongeriget’s TH10 for their base designs.

The TH10 of Kongeriget had a success rate against TH11 on a little under 50%, and the TH11 didn’t fail any dips on TH10, so when TH9 and TH10 was closed, Kongeriget had fourteen TH11 attacks left. A fantastic starting point for securing the last 2-stars and to start 3-star attempts.

The TH11 of Made by Sweden defended very well though, so at the end of the day Kongeriget only succeeded with one TH11 3-star. It came by the hand of Lord jhl who went in with a well-executed Queen Walk and followed up with hound and loons. Great war from Lord Jhl, who used the same army combo to 3-star a TH10 in his first attack.

From Kongeriget to Made by Sweden: Thanks for a good fight! :)

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