DCW reports from the battlefield

Danish ClanWar, DCW, was raiding Sweden, but when encountered with savagely enraged barbarians and valkyries from Svenska Ettan, our crusade stopped. We did NOT tremble, but the mighty th11 castles of Svenska Ettan were too strong. Both the Swedes and the Danes did raze one th11 castle each and both sides also destroyed 99% of an additional th11 castle. But let´s take it from the beginning, starting with the th9s and ending with the final crucial th11 fight on the battlefield.

Svenska Ettan wrecked our th9’s immediately with bitch attacks and DCW learned this strategy and used the same right back at them. That strategy is OP! Its NOT beautiful to watch cause its more or less: close your eyes, make the placement and 3 star will happen. But its effective and it works!

Svenska Ettan had trouble closing our th10s and failed. I believe it was four dips from th11 and DCW only failed one dip.

Svenska Ettan looked strongest in the beginning of the battle getting 99% on one of our th11 and also 3-starring another one. DCW followed up with the 99% and shortly after a 3-Star as well. At a time DCW was leading on percentages, but then Svenska Ettan launched attacks and gain ahead. And ahead they came in the end with 1,25% (equal to a total of 25% wreckage on one base)!

We Danes had to chose a path – attack that last castle once again and getting that last 1% and overpower the Swedes with one point. Or we could try to increase the percentages so we had the upper hand. Going for percentage would require attacking the castle we destroyed with 52% once again – and with an overall of 1,25% behind we needed to at least wreck that castle to 78% to have an upper hand and win the battle.

DCW had a tactical meeting and we decided that we are DANES we don’t accept equal amount of destroyed bases. We want to savarage more!!! So the choice was going for that castle we did 99% on. The attack was to be a copy of the old attack used with a slightly difference. Instead of 6 wallbreakers only 3 was required and 3 minions was added to handle that last percentage needed!

Lava_HoundThe attack went great, everything went as it should, it looked alot like this castle would be blown away! But… pressure and sweat made us send a Lavahound at the spot where the Wallbreakers should go in! The lavahound was wasted…a simple mistake made sure that we had to run…

In general Svenska Ettan showed great attacks and had great defenses as well. The battle was of great fun and there were seriously no winner until the last second went Down!

Great war Svenska Ettan – DCW saluts you!

DCW also learned from Svenska Ettan that bitch attack is the new “oldschool miners” for th9… This strategy will be a problem for tournaments/battles with many th9 attacks cause by my knowledge there are no designs out there to stop it, nor can I think of one, since this strategy is way too OP!


We are leaving Sweden and returning back to Denmark, setting up camps on our way home. We can’t get to Denmark without encountering two additional Swedish armies! We have decided to meet upon the battlefield. It will take some days before we reach them, but reach them we will! Back at our base camp the barbarians and valkyries who are still alive, will gather around the camp fire and talk about whether it was the right call or not to go for that castle. Or if we should have gone for the percentages! We will never know!


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