Battle of the titans – Svenska Ettan vs Danish ClanWar

We shall go on to the end. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength. We shall fight in the air, we shall defend our castles, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the ground, we shall fight in the fields; we shall never surrender!

This was the war that we all had been waiting for – Svenska Ettan vs Danish ClanWar’s (DCW). Both teams were unbeaten so far in the ICL season and Svenska Ettan (Ettan) is also the remaining champions from season 1. Both clans were pumped up to show who’s the best… but yet with a bit of anxiety.

Boy, oh boy, did Ettan come out of the gates as starving tigers when the war started, or what! Ettan’s th9 evaporated DCW’s th9 in 6 fresh triples. BOOM, IN YOUR FACE!

The question was how DCW would respond to this. The answer was with vengeance. They cleaned up Ettan’s six th9 bases in eight attacks and then went on with multiple fresh th10 triples from their th11s. BOOM, RIGHT BACK AT YA!

Ettan’s th10 was in the meantime focused on delivering 60%-ish 2 stars on the. Focus was indeed on the percentage as we knew that this could come down to the wire.

An intense start now turned into waiting mode. Both clans were spying and analyzing enemy bases, waiting for the final hours to kick in.

Tikmann was the first one out from Ettan with a bitch attack that was nothing but magical. Buildings was going down from left to right right in to the centre. This was clearly going to be a fresh th11 triple which could turn the war back in Ettans favour. BUT, suddenly everything slowed down and it was now a matter of time… and the time was not on Tikmann´s side as he ended up with a fresh 99% on one of DCW’s th11. One of those moments when you would have sold the wife for a clean up wiz.

aq-99-percent low

The war was intense but DCW was in the lead and the pressure was on. However, Ettan was in the same situation last year against Göteborgs Kriga and managed to turn the war in the final hour so spirit were still high and it did indeed improve further when ProAros tripled DCWs #2 base with a beautiful gobolalo… (could go on forever with the combination but you get the picture). However, DCW once again showed that they are a force to be recon with as 0212 Thomas tripled one of Ettans th11.

It was now a race for percentage, so we thought anyway. Suddenly DCW starts going for th11 triples and it looked like Pyrosis was going to close the war for DCW when attacking proAros but like with Tikmann this was another devastating 99% attack. I can promise that the chat rooms were going crazy during this attack.

The final 10 min included 3 th11 attacks from both sides. No side managed to add more stars to the board but Ettan did continue to improve its percentage destruction. The score board showed 52 vs 52 with a 90.55% for Ettan and 89.30% for DCW.

This was truly one of these wars that reminds you why we all invest so much time (and money) in the game. Chats was going crazy and DCW came over to thank Ettan for an amazing war. If you are not involved in ICL…you should! This is what the game is all about… tons of fun and a lot of tips from top players.


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