Preview: Top Fight in Heavy League!

TheKing from Danish ClanWar is building up the anticipation for the big game in the heavy league by sending us all this masterpiece.

DCW are standing on foreign territories, our architects are using some of the castle designs made by the Swedes and Danes we faced earlier on this crusade. Because of tactical approaches our architects modifies the designs and they are at the moment being tested against the random savages we are facing…due to tactical approaches we are unable to use these against the mighty Swedes we are trying to conquer.
We have set camp in the midlands of Sweden and we had our first meeting between two generals trying to Solve the battle in a diplomatic way, but but only agreement made on that meeting was to meet upon the battleground at 20:00…after scouting the perimeter we know that both the Danes and Swedes need two hours of preparation…we therefore expect a massacre between two Nations who has the same acknowledged viking warriors as ancestors!
Svenska Ettan looks strong but we are NOT trembling… We pray to Thor and Odin that no matter who wins that we do all get a seat in Valhalla!

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