Preview: Round 5!

Heavy League

In the heavy league we have the #1 clan going up against #2. Danish ClanWar versus Svenska ettan. Already handled in a preview of its own, thanks to the TheKing from DCW, this looks to be a war that will go down in history! Will the Danes or Swedes end up victorious?

ELAK sweden (#6) and svensk (#4) will fight it out and the winner could potentially rise to 3rd place with a win. There’s much prestige in this war as the clans have fought each other before (at least once, see season 1).

Made by Sweden (#7) will look to end their loosing streak when facing the Danes in Kongeriget/Danmark (#3). Kongeriget/Danmark on the other hand is looking to fight on to keep a spot among the top three clans!

Lastly we have Falukorv (#8) going up against SWEnsk Elite cw (#5). SWEnsk Elite cw picked up their first win in round 4. Will Falukorv get their first one this round or will SWensk Elite cw continue with a second straight win?

Light League

In the light league we have the final match-ups before the series turnaround for the rematches. (#4) will face Sverige/Old Hogs (#3), a very important war for both clans. If win they will have as many points as both Sverige/Old Hogs and Under 8. Each clan would have 2 wins and 2 losses each which would make the second half of the series very entertaining. On the other hand, if Sverige/Old Hogs win they will put themselves in a very good position to earn the second spot.

Famous Warriors (#1) will be looking to get a perfect fourth win before the second half. They will fight it out against The Swedes cw (#5) who are in heavy training to get their first win.

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