Under 8 Sail to Sweden and Raided Swedish Territory

Today we have the honour to present a war report from no other than pain from Under 8s Team!

The Pirates x1 on their ships sailed towards the Swedish tiny  lands…
The Swedish warriors saw them coming.
They prepared their boats and gathered their warriors and started sailing towards pirate ships to match them in open water.
The furious battle began.
The Swedish valkyries enraged and wrecked level 9 pirates’ ships.
While the pirate lords (TH10 and 11) were watching.
The Swedish valkyries finished all level 9 ships.
The war was in its final stage.
The pirate lords started heavy fire from their massive war ships…  and wrecked all Swedish ships and turned the tide.
The Swedish warriors fought bravely but failed to survive against the pirate lords…

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