ELAK Sweden vs. Kongeriget gets a winner in the last seconds!

Kongeriget met ELAK Sweden in round 4, and the war was exiting until the very end.

ELAK Sweden started with thunder and lightning, securing a 2 star on TH11 and closing two TH9. Boogeyman (TH10) had a great war with 2 stars on Kongeriget’s nr. 1 and nr. 2 – good job. Kongeriget had a slow start failing the first 3 attacks.

Both sides had problems with TH9 and ELAK Sweden ended up using all their TH9 attacks (including a painful 99% by Liam) and one dip to get the job done. Kongerigets TH9 really had an off day, and had to use three TH10 attacks at the bottom – so not a good start for the Danes.

The TH10 from Kongeriget, who came of a great performance last round, found it tough against the TH11 bases and only succeeded on 2 out of 7 tries. ELAK Sweden did much better and secured 2 stars on five of Kongerigets TH11 with some great attacks.

So looking at TH9 and TH10 ELAK Sweden clearly outplayed Kongeriget, but with the heavy TH11 breakdown, nothing is decided until the top goes to action.

The TH11 of Kongeriget where merciless and had a 100% success rate against TH10, going at them with both air and ground attacks. Kongeriget also had three TH10 defenses, giving ELAK Sweden fewer attempts at TH11 vs. TH11. Sir Kaj’s base defended bravely and it took three TH11 attempts to get it down.   

With 2,5 hours left of the war only TH11 bases and attacks remained. ELAK Sweden had 2 starred all but one of the TH11, while Kongeriget needed stars on six bases at that time. The tactical game was on: should we secure percentage at the cost of 3-star attempts or go all in for the win on stars…

Kongeriget secured 2-stars on four of the six bases and then tried a few attacks for 3-stars with Nsp coming close with a nice QW laloon attempt that ended on 2-stars and 96%.   

With 15 minutes left the score was even and the percentages where close – we were in for a thrilling finish. The first attempt from both sides looked to secure percentages and with 5 minutes left the score was 51-51 with Kongeriget ahead on percentage. ELAK Sweden had one attack left and Kongeriget had two.

Decisions were made: Kongeriget went with one bitch attack with the possibility for 3-stars and went all-in on the other attack with a golem+bowlers+royals KS followed by a lavaloon. ELAK Sweden also went all-in and tried for 3-stars through the air. The chat was filled with excitement and the spectators were cheering as all three attacked almost simultaneously with 1 minute left – nerve wrecking!

Both air attacks felt short, thus securing the percentage win for Kongeriget, but it wasn’t over – the last attack was still going…

Some people crumble when the outcome of a war is on their shoulders, but luckily Kasper isn’t one of them (not this time anyway ) and wouldn’t settle for a draw! A perfectly executed go-bitch attack secured the critical 52nd star and a victory for Kongeriget!

The lack of TH11 3-star in this war (only one overall) was compensated for by a thrilling and exiting end to the war. The close wars are the most fun!

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