Danish ClanWar Continues to Raid Sweden

Another epic war report from Danish ClanWars and TheKing! Enjoy!

In the north its cold, and last night was so cold that the sea between Denmark and Sweden froze… Danish ClanWar did earlier invade parts of Sweden, but due to a civil war we had to go back and defeat the rebellions who wanted our sit at the throne…now when the rebels has learned their place we are regrouping again to go across and invade Sweden once again…we are so close and we can see svensk has gathered their army to meet us upon the battlefield… Only one last moment of prayers left before nightfall…when it comes you will face the Danish shieldwall and all our hot valkyries and savage barbarians…!!
….the night came – and DCW was looking upon svensk on the battlefield – we starred each other in the eyes for 2 hours before a long battle started lasting 24 hours…svensk did show their defence was strong but in the end the blue and yellow flag was pulled down and a red and white was rising! DCW are now marching towards the midlands of Sweden and can see Svenska Ettan lining up their defences and offence to stop our crushing streak!
We wish you good luck :)

gameinfo from DCW vs Svensk

svensk had great defence really worthy of CWL designs and really hard to crush. Sadly svensk had a TH10.5 instead of a TH11 and we didn’t know it in time to bring a lookalike war weight to the game.
svensk had a TH11 who didn’t attack – assume svensk would have got 1 more star and around 1-2% more on total destruction. DCW also had a TH11 who didn’t attack – assume 0 extra stars and 1-2% more in total destruction.
In general i believe DCW had the upper hand the entire game but svensk did deliver stable beautiful gobitch attacks that ensure standard expected 3 stars on TH10 and below and 2 stars on TH11… svensk made new awesome strategy on TH9 with bitch attacks – and the replay I saw worked beautiful done.

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