This time we are trying out a different kind of recap from the war between Svenska Ettan and Falukorv. We asked one player from each TH level in Svenska Ettan to share their thoughts on the war. We have 4eyes Simpa for th9 and Black Fire for th10. Unfortunately the th11 guys seems a bit shy (or maybe too busy looting) to share their thoughts. Maybe next time.

TH 9
Svenska Ettan’s th9 had an awesome war against Falukorv. 3 bases were 3-stared fresh and the other 3 were cleaned up by th9. Gäddan set the standard by 3 staring the top th9 with the first clan attack and later finished his six pack with a nice cleanup on nr17. Our second Mr Six pack was yours truly 4eyes Simpa. Following in Gäddan footsteps with a fresh 3 star on the second top th9 and later a cleanup on nr18 which after a really nice attack from Haj, was well scouted. Our leader, mentor, jedi and idol Stuvstarz also did a sick fresh 3star with the all new Witch Slap, (heal witch bowlers) attack. Really fun and impressive to see! Our Baby Fire did a nice th9 cleanup and almost managed to 3 star Falukorvs lowest th10 with a sick gohobo attack. Gotta hate those dual giant bombs sometimes…

On defense, mr Stuvstarz, a.k.a. Stuvas, Stuvis, Stuv, managed to pull a total of 6 defenses! Really impressive! On the other hand Gäddan (Mr “ilovebuildingwalls” ) managed to pull a defense with 0 stars and a sick 30%, bow down to the big fish (no offence mr Haj). Overall our th9:s had a solid war with 50% fresh 3 star attacks, solid cleanups, nice def and even a few attacks over for scouting. Proud to be a part of this gang.

TH 10
Svenska Ettan’s TH10 was on fire. Or rather setting Falukorv THs on fire! Saddam and Appleby set the pace by delivering four TH11 2 stars with an impressive average destruction of 70%! This together with th9 scouts provided a great foundation for Black Fire and Martin to go for some TH10 tripples. Black managed to tripple Falukorv’s lowest TH10 and Martin delivered a beautiful raid on an upgraded TH10 but the time unfortunately ran out. Falukorvs TH10s were primarily on TH9 clean up duty and really struggled with their th11 attempts. They should still be given credit for their attempts and so should Svenska Ettan’s TH11 for their bases.

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