Svenska Ettan Continues the Hunt for the Number One Spot!

Observant readers will notice that this is a re-post… Somehow, the original was updated with another war report…

We have the pleasure of having Stuvstarz (leader of Svenska ettan) as a war reporter this time around. Haj helped him out by translating the report into English.

Svenska Ettan (playing as SWE ! CW) met SWEnsk Elite cw in round 3. During the first two hours of the war 37 attacks were carried out so it was really two war hungry teams meeting up on the battlefield!

The result of the fierce and massive attacks was that SWEnsk Elite cw only had to dip on one TH9 in Svenska Ettan. Ironically, it was SWEnsk Elite cw‘s #12 Alltifisk (“All in fish“) who attacked Svenska Ettan‘s TH9 #16 Haj (“Shark“). Alltifisk finally managed to rake in the big shark, closing out all TH9 bases!

In contrast, SWEnsk Elite cw‘s TH10s had some difficulties closing out Svenska Ettan‘s TH11 bases. Only two TH10 succeeded in 2 starring Svenska Ettan‘s TH11. Of all the bases in the war only two TH10 stood up against being 3 starred and one TH11 in Svenska Ettan defended well and only gave away one star.

The TH9s of Svenska Ettan had a tough day at the job and Svenska Ettan had to use three TH10 attacks to close the TH9 bases. In contrast, the TH10s were merciless towards SWEnsk Elite cw‘s TH11 and five TH11 bases were 2 starred by TH10 attackers.

Small mistakes and bad luck with lost connection, misplaced spells and forgotten clearances characterized both sides from time to time. For example En snel hest’s attack where an army camp had less than one HP left when EA sniffs out the troops, with only milliseconds left, and crushes the hope of getting a 2 star attack!


Or when a TH10 dips down to a TH9 and loses connection in the middle of an AQW and the whole clan is wondering what the hell the tactics are!?


Despite all that there was still some grains of gold. VictorTheTitan from SWEnsk Elite cw was forced to succeed with a 3 star on proAros at the end of the war to have a chance to catch up and get past Svenska Ettan. Despite a nice Naked KS attack (heroes with no tank troops) with bowlers and Quadralavaloon the attack ended at 89% and 2 stars. Another golden grain was the 3 star attack of jejk on VictorTheTitan. A KS consisting of a tanking golem, heroes and bowlers paved the way for a Lavaloon attack with great skill and control and set the match point for yet another great war.

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