An Epic Battle between Two Danish Clans

The second war report which was outsourced in round 2 is written by no other than TheKing from Danish ClanWar. Enjoy!

Storyline is that Danish ClanWar met Kongeriget three times.

Kongeriget will say it is 4-5 times…? Would be like saying if someone met SWElite mys that they could say they bested Killer Bunnies – don’t think Killer Bunnies would agree to that!

Anyway, in tournaments with fair play matchup Danish ClanWar has met Kongeriget twice. First time was in the December 2016 Tournament and second time was in the January 2017 Tournament. And now we net them for the third time proving we are the Kings! 3-0! :)

The Game


Danish ClanWar 5x closed by TH9
Danish ClanWar 1x TH10 dip to close 1 target
Kongeriget 2x closed by TH9
Kongeriget 5x TH10 dip to close 4 targets


Danish ClanWar 1x closed by TH10
Danish ClanWar 3x TH11 “closed” with 2 stars
Kongeriget 0x closed by TH10
Kongeriget 4x TH11 “closed” with 2 stars


Only mentioning 3 starred efforts since all the other bases were 2-starred.

Danish ClanWar 3-starred 2x TH11
Kongeriget 3-starred 1x TH11

So overall we did better performance. We felt we were in the lead the entire game. We weren’t afraid of losing at any point. We had the percentage advantage all game through. Their TH10 did do an amazing job compared to ours even though the total count was in our favour cause one TH10 3-Star on TH10 is better than one TH10 2-Star on TH11. But they had to dip a lot of attacks.

We did get a little afraid when we discovered that Kongeriget sadly had few of our bases to practice in FC. One of them they did get… On the other hand they had a TH10.5 cause he forgot to place his EA – but even if that EA was there that base should have been 3-starred anytime!

Best regards,

2 thoughts on “An Epic Battle between Two Danish Clans

  1. Really shocked here! That is the most one-sided crappy battle-rapport I have EVER read :D
    Are all danish clans like this?


  2. It Was agreed too and intended to be a two sides subjective story (NOT objective) to make a “verbal” battle to pimp up the story and hype… one from Danish ClanWar and one from Kongeriget… For some reason Kongeriget didnt fill out theirs and by missing that it looks terrible when only one sided subjective story is told cause Then ot just looks like a hammer 😱 That Was NOT the intention.


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