Preview: Round 3!

In the heavy league we have the following matchups:

Danish Clanwar – Kongeriget/Danmark
Elak sweden – Made by sweden
Falukorv – svensk
SWEnsk Elite CW – Svenska ettan

We’re starting off big with the big one! Danish Clanwar (1st) against Kongeriget/Danmark (3rd)! The war has already begun on LINE and we are all eager to see which clan that will declared as King (or Queen?) of Denmark!

Moving on we have three 100% Swedish wars.

Elak sweden (7th) and Made by sweden (4th) is going to battle it out in order to determine which clan, that has sweden in its name, is the better of the two. Elak sweden is looking to pick up their first win of seasons 2 and Made by sweden wants to get their second win to continue sticking with the top teams in upper half of the league standings.

The war between Falukorv (8th) and svensk (5th) looks like a very important war. The loser of that war is probably going to fall to the bottom the league standings. Fight hard!

Last of the three we have SWEnsk Elite CW (6th) going against Svenska ettan (2nd). The war in the first season was very tight and we hope to see similar action this time around. One things is certain, there’s a lot of prestige in this one!

Meanwhile in the light league we have the following wars: – The Swedes cw
Under 8 – Famous Warriors

First of we have the fight of bottom, with (4th) and The Swedes cw (5th) duking it out! The outcome of this war is really important. Earning a loss will put that clan into a bad spot in the league standings while a win would make it possible to climb up the standings.

In the second war we have Under 8 (2nd) and Famous Warriors (1st). The new top battle (a new one each week) is very important for both clans. If Under 8 picks up the win then all three teams in the top will have one defeat each. Surely that would be the most exciting outcome for the league standings but I guess Famous Warriors have plans to continue their win streak.

Good luck to all clans!

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