Svenska Ettan Hands Svensk Their First Loss in Season 2

svensk promised a surprise player against Svenska ettan (playing as SWE ! CW to keep their other members occupied) but as no such player was found… This meant that the surprise factor that would put Svenska ettan out of their excellent track record (still no loss) was nowhere to be seen. However, svensk put up a really good fight but ultimately fell short as Svenska ettan picked up their first war stars win in season 2. The final score was 51-48 to Svenska ettan. A thing to note here is that Svenska ettan didn’t manage to three star any TH11s in this fight. svensk however collected three stars against two of Svenska ettan‘s bases which meant that they had the match ball in the end of the game. They couldn’t collect the needed war stars though.

Overall destruction was pretty tight, about one percent differed between the two clans. Svenska ettan destroyed 85.55% of svensk‘s buildings and they replied by destroying 84.30%.

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