Preview: Round 2!

Heavy League

In the heavy league we see Elak sweden and SWEnsk Elite CW go up against each other to get the first win of the season. Last time they met in season 1 the victory went to SWEnsk Elite CW. Will Elak sweden get revange and climb past SWEnsk Elite CW?

Next up we have the number one and two teams in the standings, Made by sweden and Danish Clanwar. Which team will stay in the top?

Svenska ettan and svensk face off in the middle. Both teams still have zero losses!

Last we have Kongeriget/Danmark going up against Falukorv. Will the Danes fancy the Swedish sausage and eat them for breakfast?

Elak sweden – SWEnsk Elite CW
Made by sweden – Danish Clanwar
Svenska ettan – svensk
Kongeriget/Danmark – Falukorv

Light League

The light league will have one team making war debut and that is the war clan The Swedes cw. They will do so by facing Under 8 who is looking to get their first victory.

In the second match up we have, what might be, an early league final. Will Famous Warriors or Sverige/Old Hogs remain in the top after an epic battle?

Under 8 – The Swedes cw
Famous Warriors – Sverige/Old Hogs

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