Results from Season Ending Scrims

Slow updates lately but the results from the season ending scrims most certainly deserves a new post!

First of all we have the 100% TH11 vs TH11 war which had an epic ending. ICL Team GREEN barely came out as the winners by defeating ICL team orange with 55-54. One more 3 star was the deciding factor. If 54-54, ICL team orange would’ve won!


The second war was a pure TH10 vs TH10 war. ICL Team Grey was the ones that did the trick and secured the victory with a “last attack 1s three star effort” by no other than Black Fire. ICL Team Yellow put on a good fight but came one star short, 33-32! GG!


Lastly we have the TH9 vs TH9 which means that TH9 had to do without maxed troops in CC and most importantly, no bowlers! It seems both clans did fairly well without the blue smurfs. Although similar total destruction % ICL TEAM RED won by 69-64 against ICL Team Blue.


News post picture done by SparxGTX.

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