SWEnsk Elite CW Defeats Swelite by Smallest Possible Margin

The battle for the bronze medal was as good as it gets. The war was decided through overall destruction and it was SWEnsk Elite CW who managed to destroy more than its competitor. Swelite raided 80.00% while SWEnsk Elite CW pushed even further into enemy territory by destroying 83.35%. The war stars gathered was 49-49.

It seemed that both teams had a lot of fun in this war. The ones that have been in these kind of tight wars all know the feeling in the last remaining minutes. It is the moment that you all want to share with your best Clash of Clan friends. We hope we we will see many of these epic endings in coming wars.

The win pushed SWEnsk Elite CW past Swelite for third spot in the overall standings and gave them the bronze medal. Swelite on the other hand dropped to fourth spot.

Thanks to both teams for joining the first season of International Clash League. SWEnsk Elite CW looks like a strong contender for next seasons top spots after a really strong finish and close wars with the top two clans. Swelite‘s participation on the other hand is unclear at this moment. We really hope that they do decide to join!

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