Svenska Ettan Goes Through First Season Undefeated!

Svenska ettan‘s members showed that they were a worthy winner of the first season of International Clash League by winning the final game of the season. The opponent in the other side of the boxing ring was ELAK sweden.

Svenska ettan, playing in SWE ! CW, started off really strong and never gave ELAK sweden a chance. A step uphill right off the bat. ELAK sweden came back strong but only managed to reach 48-53 in the end. Overall destruction was pretty biased with 93.45% for Svenska ettan and 79.60% for ELAK sweden.

As a side note I, Saddam, felt a bit violated when jockoops of ELAK sweden decided to humiliate my war base with the final attack of the war.

Good game and it looks like there will be an awesome rematch between the teams next season! ELAK sweden will be very hungry for revenge and Svenska ettan will be the team that everyone wants to defeat.

This was the final war of the first season which means that Svenska ettan finished with 6 straight wins and zero defeats. ELAK sweden finished with two wins and stayed in fifth spot in the overall standings.

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