Svensk Secures 6th Place

In the battle of the bottom two spots svensk secured the 6th place while leaving SWEnsk Elite cw in 7th. The final score was 52-43 in svensk‘s favour due clans using different breakdowns. svensk used a breakdown of 8-6-6 while SWEnsk Elite cw had the original 9-5-6 which gives svensk an extra bonus star. Overall destruction was 86.60% to the victorious team (svensk) and 75.05% to the ones defeated (SWEnsk Elite cw).

It looks like SWEnsk Elite cw will re-organize with their big brother (SWEnsk Elite CW) after this season. We wish to thank SWEnsk Elite cw for their participation and wish their big brother good luck in season two!

We also hope that svensk manages to get enough people or collaborate with another clan to be able to join season two. It will not be the same without you guys/girls!

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