Season Ending: 3x Scrims (TH11vsTH11, TH10vsTH10 and TH9vsTH9)

To conclude the first season of International Clash League there will be three scrims. Participants from all of our lovely clans will battle it out together with past enemies and also against their own clan friends.

We will see a clean TH11 war with players facing off with their maxed bases. Who will manage to do some triple star attacks? Can we get a recap on Youtube maybe?

TH10 will, for once, not have to look out for TH11s stomping their bases. Instead it will be their native TH10 friends that will get a chance for some epic three star attacks.

Lastly TH9 will have to manage without bowlers. Will the war end with 100%-100%? Or will someone build a unstoppable base?

So in summary, two TH11 only teams will face off in the heavy weight boxing ring, two TH10 only teams will clash like there’s no tomorrow and two TH9 only teams will show the higher THs who’s boss by securing the most war stars. The wars will begin on Monday 6th of February!

We will report back once we have the final scores!

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