Big Brother Defeats Little Brother

SWEnsk Elite CW showed SWEnsk Elite cw who’s the bigger sibling in the SWensk Elite family. Big brother managed to three star all but three bases, an impressive result! The overall destruction of 93.80% is also the high-score from the first season. In total SWEnsk Elite CW earned 55 war stars while little brother finished with 42 war stars. 55-42 end result!

The score makes the final round very interesting.

First of all, SWEnsk Elite CW will duke it out with Swelite to decide who will finish with the bronze medal. Both teams have similar stats with 3 wins and 2 losses, +20 (Swelite) compared to +14 (SWEnsk Elite CW) and Swelite has an average destruction of 87.70% while SWEnsk Elite CW sits at 87.04%.

Lastly, at the end half of the table we will see SWEnsk Elite cw fight over the sixth spot with svensk. The reality for both of these teams are that they have both lost all of their wars so a first win will be picked up! svensk seems to have upper hand when checking the numbers. -27 compared to SWEnsk Elite cw‘s -61 and also 81.78% that beats SWEnsk Elite cw‘s 72.03%.

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