ELAK Sweden Picks up Second Win of the Season

ELAK sweden got a much needed win which gives them the chance to sneak into fourth place, by passing either SWEnsk Elite CW or Swelite if they win their last game as well. The win came in a war against svensk and the final score was 52-49. The extra added star for svensk was due to them using a breakdown of 8-6-6 while ELAK sweden used the original setup of 9-5-6. Total destruction, as seen in the screenshot, was 88.00% for ELAK sweden compared to svensk’s 83.95%. svensk will finish of the season with the jumbo final against SWEnsk Elite cw. Will svensk keep their sixth place or drop to seventh?

I would like to give a friendly reminder here, for all clans, to always aim for having the same breakdown in both clans. A mirrored setup is always the best and most fun as it does not give any no room for discussions and disagreements.

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