ICL Opens up an Additional League with a 2-5-8-5 Breakdown

Great news! The administrators of International Clash League have decided, based upon recent sign ups, to create an additional league. The idea is that the new league will support the less heavy clans given its breakdown of 2x TH11, 5x TH10, 8x TH9 and 5x TH8 (or 2-5-8-5 if you rather put it that way). This will allow us to let more teams enter the fray as the breakdown of 9-5-6 left out teams that didn’t have a chance to fulfill the requirements.

We’re currently in the process of gathering data about all of the signed up teams to create the war schedule for the coming season. We hope to get back to you all as soon as we have more details to share but we’re working on it.

The important thing here is that this gives ICL two different breakdowns to choose from:

  • 9-5-6
  • 2-5-8-5

Sign ups are still open! Head over to the sign up page and sign up now! You can sign up even if you do not fit into any of the breakdowns above, we are always looking to allow as many people as possible to join the fun. If enough people ask for something we will make it happen!

We are also looking for an additional administrator to help out with the war reports and managing the home page. Contact any of the league administrators on LINE. Our contact info:

  • Saddam from Svenska ettan can be contacted by adding saddam961.
  • LordOliver from SWElite can be contacted by adding LordOliver.
  • Jockoops from ELAK sweden can be contacted by adding Jockoops.
  • VTT from SWEnsk Elite CW can be contacted by adding Victor2k4.

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