Second Straight Win for Swelite

Swelite beats SWEnsk Elite cw to put them self in a good spot to secure the third spot in the final round. The numbers were finally set to 54-40 and Swelite managed to do destroy an impressive 90.95% of SWEnsk Elite cw‘s buildings. SWEnsk Elite cw reached 69.70% of total destruction.

Swelite will, as described in the previous news post, first sit out in round six before engaging in an epic showdown with SWEnsk Elite CW. The fate of the third spot will be determined here!

SWEnsk Elite cw will have the chance to leave the last spot if they manage to beat svensk in the final round. But the most important war might be in the next round when they face their big brothers and sisters in SWEnsk Elite CW.

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