Sneak Peak: Round 3!

Round 3 is soon upon us and six different clans will be battling it out. The team that will have to sit out this round is svensk. The round schedule is:

Round 3 (2nd January – 23:59 4th January)

ELAK sweden – SWEnsk Elite cw
SWEnsk Elite CW – Svenska ettan
Göteborgs kriga – Swelite

In the first setup, ELAK sweden or SWEnsk Elite cw will pick up their first win of the season. Worth to mention is that ELAK sweden has only participated in one war this far.

The second war will see two, this far, undefeated clans face off. Will SWEnsk Elite CW or Svenska ettan keep their winning streak?

Lastly, we see the top team, Göteborgs kriga, facing Swelite that most likely want to take revenge after a tight loss in the previous round.

Which teams do you foresee as winners in round 3? Make a comment in the field!

5 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Round 3!

  1. Hmm vet inte vad det är för skillnad på de bägge SWEnsk elite cw faktiskt? Hade ingen aning det var två som hette exakt likadant :)


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