Early Bird: Svenska ettan – SWElite

Svenska ettan, fighting under SWE ! CW’s flag, and SWElite started early and kicked off round 2. Both teams decided that one hour of preparation time on the 18th of December was enough. The war lasted for 24 h and ended late yesterday. It was an epic war that was decided in the last ten minutes!

SWElite accidentally added an extra TH10 instead of TH9. It was unfortunately missed by both sides. Given the rules for the test season, Svenska ettan was given one extra war star. Please note that the rules are subject to change after the test season to make the wars as fair as possible.

SWElite started of best and had six TH10 two stars on TH11. Svenska ettan on the other hand only managed to do two TH10 two stars on TH11. However, the tides of battle changed and Svenska ettan came back strong in the last few hours and just narrowly squeezed past SWElite.

The outcome of the war was that Svenska ettan won over SWElite by the score of 52-51 (due to the extra war star). Total destruction favoured SWElite as they destroyed 85,00% of Svenska ettan‘s buildings whereas Svenska ettan managed to destroy 83.80%.

For the Swedish readers that want to know more a full war report can be found at 961.se’s site.

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