Test Season Spots Almost Full

There’s almost no open spots left for the test season. If you want to make sure that your clan gets one of the few remaining seats you better hurry over to the sign up page.

If you applied too late you will of course be first in line when the league is expanded. The league will be expanded with more divisions as soon as we have enough teams to fill up another division.

As a side note we have also updated the rules section with some additional rules:

  • Each team will face all the other teams in the division once. This means that in a league with eight teams there will be seven wars during a period of seven weeks. After these seven weeks the league winner will be the team at the top spot.
  • Reduction rules changed to exchange rules. Also added what the star increase would be if you drop one TH11 in favor of a TH10.
News post picture done by GarroteFrancell.

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